What are my dos and don'ts
Hello, in this page, I'm detailing what are my dos and don't. I believe being up front and realistic will make life easier for all.

The DO's


  • Flash site
  • CMS leftover by others
  • Windows asp or dot net stuffs

Simple HTML website

This is the most simple form of website and mostly used in the early years of website development. This type of website is still widely used around the world and its highly suitable for small and medium sized website. It's also good for website that don't required frequent contents changes.
  • Standard come with 5 html pages and one full set of graphics.
  • Additional page will be charge RM180/page and you'll need your web designer to change and upload the new page for you in future. And you can do it yourself if you know how to use ftp to upload to your web hosting.
  • It's a static website, it can be more time consuming and costlier to maintain in long run, when you're changing your content more frequent.
  • You get in first year, free web hosting, domain name and email (optional).
  • Additional graphics like icon, banner or photo may be charge separately.
  • Other recurring costs you should know - web hosting and domain name renewal.
  • No other hidden cost.

Content Management System

Content Management System is a type of website that allow a user to login to backend to change and create their own contents. CMS website allow greater flexibility when comes to contents modification, deletion and creation. I will not try to elaborate in details about CMS, you can find out more about it searching on the internet. This, literally means you won't be needing your web designer or developer once it's up and running but there is a catch though, it can daunting for some who are not so computer savvy trying to manage it.

CMS Based Website

  • Unlimited number of pages on your website.
  • Company logos and all related graphics.
  • You can remove or create new page as and when you wanted to.
  • You can load as many pictures and videos as you like.
  • Highly suitable for website with high contents changes.
  • First year, free web hosting, domain name and email (optional).
  • Other recurring costs you should know - web hosting and domain name renewal.
  • No other hidden cost.
I do provide the service to do standard setup or installation work on all major open source CMS, namely Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Open Cart, Zen Cart, OS Commerce etc. But I don't do customisation work, themes adjustment, bugs fixing or after setup support work. These open source CMS are developing and evolving at a rapid phase. New issues pop up along with the new version, so does the solutions. It's not a bad thing but it's part and parcel of any system. Therefore you would need to have the expertise to use and manage it, before you can fully reap the benefits of these powerful open source system. Top

Web hosting and Management

I do provide web hosting and management services. This include setting up of a newly acquired web hosting account, configuring your DNS, help on ftp, emailing, signing for a package or even to install an application to your web hosting. This service include web hosting on Linux or Windows server. If you've related technical issue you need assistance, drop me an email to find out if I'm able to help. Top


Need a banner to promote your company? A website header or logos? Any graphics that appear on a website, I can create, modify, resize or making adjustment to it. Drop me an email, let me know what's your need. Top

Reading thus far but still can't find what you want or can't understand what I said? My apology, for talking too much jargon. No worry, you can always drop me a mail. Try your best to describe what you want and I will revert back to you.